Beef Value Accuracy Index
LM48 96 131

Purchased in 2009, winner of the muscle class at Brive Show in France. Superb length, loin and hindquarter ideal for the commercial and pedigree breeder with a designer pedigree to match having Neuf as his sire and Ionesco and Highlander on his dam's side.

Other Info.
Two copies of the F94L Profit Gene. Protoporphyria Test (for Australia & NZ) NN result - normal and no carrier, two healthy copies from the ferrochelatase gene - July 2011

Vendor: RM Hazard & Sons

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£30.00 per straw

Out of stock

D.O.B: 22/11/2006

S: 22-97-004-114 NEUF

D: 19-31-866-807 UNIBELLE

HB No: 19-32-617-107

Grade: 100%

Semen Royalty: £50.00

Progeny: 263

Available in N.I/I.O.M: Yes

Stored in N.I: No

Export Eligibility:
North America
South America

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£30.00 per straw