Beef Value Accuracy Index
LM24 91 96
400 day weight EBV 400 day weight acc 400 day weight index
42 91 114

Purchased 10,500gns Greenwell Dispersal Sale August 2010 where quality of well-muscled progeny much in evidence. Bred by Talent Breeder, Pierre Gilet. Joined Greenwell from Lanaud Test Station Mar 2008.

Other Info.
Picture shows Greenwell Anette with Casimir-sired bull calf at foot, Greenwell Fieldmarshall, sold 9,800gns to Procters Farm.

Vendor: Andrew Ewing

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£25.00 per straw

D.O.B: 05/02/2007

S: 19-31-732-509 UNIVERS 566

D: 23-51-358-747 SABINE

HB No: 23-07-278-647

Grade: main register%

Semen Royalty: £25.00

Progeny: 94

Available in N.I/I.O.M: No

Stored in N.I: No

Export Eligibility:
North America
South America

£25.00 per straw