Beef Value Accuracy Index
LM31 84 108

Homozygous Polled 

Homozygous Black

RUNL 72L is the dam to "Running Creek Stetson" who was the No1 AI sire in the US following the lead set of bulls exhibited at the Denver Stock Show. RUNL 72L is a very correct cow and has massive natural muscling which can be seen in Edward's Galahad.  He is bred from easy calving lines and should be very easy calving himself.

Vendor: American Squeeze Crush Systems Ltd

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£35.00 per straw

Out of stock

D.O.B: 04/05/2011

S: NPM-1838763 WULFS SIRLOIN 3172S

D: NPF-1629780 RUNL 72L

HB No: PDP11-317

UK No: UK 121748/200317

Grade: 95%

Semen Royalty: £35.00

Progeny: 71

Available in N.I/I.O.M: No

Stored in N.I: No

Export Eligibility:

£35.00 per straw