Beef Value Accuracy Index
LM18 54 90

Outstanding all-round sire, being number one seller in Ireland (Dovea) in 2008. Superb conformation and muscle combined with excellent locomotion. Sire, Neptune, producing very muscular progeny in France.

Vendor: Mark Phillips

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£12.00 per straw

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D.O.B: 12/09/2003

S: 87-97-002-840 NEPTUNE

D: 36-96-016-613 MIRZA

HB No: 36-15-044-771

Grade: 100%

Progeny: 13

Available in N.I/I.O.M: Yes

Stored in N.I: No

Export Eligibility:

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Utile Ben back-end

£12.00 per straw