Beef Value Accuracy Index
LM17 68 89

A new bloodline to the UK. Mixed/beefy type, powerful with huge weight gain (210 day weight 416kg or 1.74kg/day) and exceptional hindquarter. Progeny: long, heavy with width and impressive hindquarter. Muscling without compromising maternal traits.

Vendor: Jonathan Newman

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£40.00 per straw

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D.O.B: 15/12/2004

S: 22-97-004-012 NAVARIN

D: 16-27-496-559 PRALINE

HB No: 16-27-496-951

Grade: 100%

Progeny: 26

Available in N.I/I.O.M: Yes

Stored in N.I: No

Export Eligibility:

£40.00 per straw