Genetic Defect Testing

From 1st January 2012, the British Blue Cattle Society recommends that all AI sires are tested for a series of potential genetic defects with a view to identifying and eliminating them from the British Blue herdbook. The information as to whether an animal is free of ("F") or a carrier ("C") of up to 8 genetic defects is to be found in the "Other Info" box for each respective bull as well as within each bull's pedigree certificate.


Free of the defect "F"

Carrier of the defect "C"

Not tested "-"


Congenital Muscular Dystonia I "CMD1"

Congenital Muscular Dystonia II "CMD2"

Crooked Tail Syndrome "CTS"

Proportionated Dwarfism "DW"

Gingival Hamartoma & Osteopetrosis "HAM"

Prolonged Gestation "PG"

Arthrogryposis & Cleft Palate "AP"

Protruding Tongue "PT"