Sexed Semen

Sexed Semen is becoming an important management tool for farmers, offering an estimated 90% female or male calves and conception rates on a par with conventional semen. Initially, only female sexed semen was available but December 2009 saw the launch of the first male sexed semen from the Limousin bull Sauvignon.

Female Sexed Semen. The demand for beef from the dairy herd is high with buyers seeking top quality crossbred calves rather than dairy bull calves. In both the beef and dairy sectors, replacement heifer prices are at an all time high, with farms expanding in an attempt to meet the demand. Furthermore, animal health & welfare is a key factor at consumer, supermarket and government level, making easily calved heifers a priority. Bulls with sexed semen are listed on the Sexed Semen sidebar.

Male Sexed Semen. This breeding tool is generally aimed at commercial producers wishing to benefit from greater numbers of bull calves born with their corresponding growth and finishing efficiencies.

Heifer Plus. In trial work, Heifer Plus resulted in a 20-25% increase in the number of heifer calves born and also an increase in conception rate of around 10%. This product is relatively new to the UK market and is a very valuable tool in the production of replacement females and one which does not negatively affect conception.Simmental Bull Bel Dhu Capercaillie has Heifer Plus semen available at £50 per straw.

Please click the Sexed Semen sidebar to find Limousin bulls with sexed semen available