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Full Figures & Pedigree

An exceptional sire, imported from France in 2017. Having first been seen as a young bull at Paris Show, the pursuit of this exciting genetic powerhouse resulted in his purchase.  

Remarkably wide and long, this stylish, correct bull has sired bulls and females of equal quality, with shape and class.  His greatest attribute is his incredible pelvis – remarkably wide and level. This is a feature visible in all his calves.

Like his sire, the legendary Bavardage, he is easy calving, while also being exceptional for maternal traits, scrotal circumference and docility.

He has two copies of the F94L myostatin gene, making him an ideal mating for Q and nt females. Also a non-carrier for Protoporphyria negative for ‘Q’ Fever.

Hirohito is an outcross to almost the entire British Herd Book.


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