Vendor: Corridan Farms Ltd


Full Figures & Pedigree

Roundhill Philips PP is a superb-quality homozygous polled bull.  He was a standout from a few weeks of age; he is a long, exceptionally well-muscled bull with a great top and back end.  He is full of breed character with excellent docility and legs and feet, Phillips is one of the best bulls we have bred at Roundhill

Philips is the best of his sire and dam, he has the muscle development and easy fleshing of Karlos, and the size, length and width of his dam coming from the great sire stack of Hinz, Tistou, and Ferry and the renowned Leny cow family here at Roundhill.  Philips' dam is the best-polled cow at Roundhill and a real breeder.  She is very milky with excellent fertility; she is rearing her 6th calf with a great calving interval Philips is an exciting new sire for all breeders of both polled and horned cattle